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Marching Band: The Love-Hate Relationship

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Band is my favorite extracurricular activity. It is an outlet for creativity and allows people to do something they enjoy and waste a class period. But, it has its ups and downs. Band can either be your favorite thing or your worst nightmare, and that changes on a daily basis. Mr. Nichols is also a factor in how you are feeling about band on a certain day.

First I’ll talk about my favorite things about marching band. For a trombone player like myself, marching band is the time to shine: we get to play loud, we usually have the melody, and our music isn’t insanely boring. For the first quarter of the school year, trombone players have to enjoy playing loud and interesting music while they can because the minute marching band is over, all the fun is over as well. When I asked other people what they like and dislike about band, a lot of the same things were said. People didn’t like that when we had after school practices, we would often find ourselves wasting time. We would end up wasting time because we would get restless because of how hot we would get and how many times we would run the same part of the show over and over again. That’s another thing that people disliked, the monotony. It didn’t take us very long to get tired of playing the same old thing day in and day out, and it didn’t help that the music wasn’t very interesting.

    But not everything about band is bad. The same people that gave me these negatives about band also had a lot of good things to say. People in band really enjoy playing in the stands. In the stands, we get to play some more popular, recognizable tunes. This is understandable because recognition and crowd appeal is where the show was lacking. People also enjoy the atmosphere that band has. Mr. Nichols always uses the saying that everyone in band is like a family and he isn’t wrong. We all have a sense of comradary and some of my best friends are in band. Mr. Nichols also adds to the “family” because he genuinely cares about all of his students. He tries to help out his students whenever he can and is usually good friends with most of us.

    All in all, the good outweighs the bad when it comes to band. We all love band no matter how much we complain. Despite the tedious monotony of practicing out halftime show, we all enjoy the fulfillment of playing it well at the games, playing in the stands, and each other.

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Marching Band: The Love-Hate Relationship