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Jazz Band

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Jazz band is one of my favorite classes this year. This is how I wish band class was. Where band class has a bunch of cooped up people all reading some boring Christmas music jazz band has only about 20 people and we all read interesting, challenging music. Jazz band allows for more advanced players to still feel challenged while also having fun and expressing themselves through music. We also play a much greater variety of music, mostly jazz though. There aren’t a whole lot of things that I dislike about jazz band. I think the only thing I dislike is the people.

In jazz band we only have a few performances a year: 2 jazz band dances, and a couple of solo gigs such as this Friday at the Jazz Swing Society. We also play at the regular band concerts which is pretty good because everybody’s family comes to those so it is kind of a way to show off. I wish that we could have more gigs but I also understand that Mr. Ferguson is busy and not everyone else would appreciate that. But, and this will only happen this year, we may be able to play at Disney World in Orlando when the band goes on a Florida trip. It is pretty exciting to think that the jazz band from Prairie Grove, Arkansas will be allowed to play somewhere as big and famous as Disney World.

One of the things I love most about jazz band is the music, obviously. It is just so much more interesting and we have such a greater variety in jazz band than we do in regular band. This music still challenges seniors while improving the skills of the freshman. We also don’t just play the same type of music all year long. We do play a lot of swing tunes, but we also play rock and latin tunes. When most people think about jazz they probably think of older music but in jazz band, we do play old music, but we also play some pretty new tunes and some very recognizable tunes. We play music from bands like Queen and Bruno Mars. This makes jazz band even more fun because it is much easier to enjoy music if you recognize what you are playing.

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Jazz Band