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Immigrant Detained for Speaking Out

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The U.S immigration had detained Baltzar “Rosas” Aburto Gutierrez an illegal alien after speaking to news reporters about his girlfriends deportation in June. Gutierrez has lived in the United States for 18 years.

Gutierrez was arrested last Monday, after talking to the Seattle Times and Chinook Observers about his girlfriends deportation in June. Gladys Diaz was going to meet somebody with her kids about a homemade pinata she had put in an ad. It turned out to be a sting by ICE. They walked with her to her house to drop off her childeren with him. Gutierrez claims that he spoke out to immigration authorities stating, “Why don’t you take us all,” as he was an illegal immigrant in the United States. The woman has been deported back to Mexico since along with her children.

Their story has been published prominently in several newspapers. Residents are now concerned that Trumps promise to take down criminal immigrants in now taking away their neighbors and friends. Gutierrez spoke to Seattle Times from the Tacoma detention center. He was arrested while working in Ocean Shores. An ICE agent allegedly stated that, “My supervisor asked me to come find you because of what appeared in the newspaper.” Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for ICE said that the agency will not retaliate however they have not made a comment on Gutierrez.

Legal advisors reported that Gutierrez could argue against prosecutors that ICE has violated his rights of free speech. “It certainly is troubling,” Adams reported. Since he was arrested for speaking out. Gutierrez reported that he could not take 25,000 dollar bond, he has not been given a court date. It is still unclear what he is being charged with. His girlfriend spoke from Mexico, saying that he was sending their family money and with him being confined in jail puts their family at risk. On a phone interview with Times, Diaz said she doesn’t know how she is going to be able to support the children since she had been receiving earnings from him to Mexico.

According the the Department of Homeland Security, ICE arrests have increased by 44 percent and about 600,000 cases. Which only leaves 2,000 pending court case for each immigration judge that is available. Due to this increase of detainees DHS is looking into building more detention centers in the country.

Gutierrez does not want to be deported however because that usually means being barred from the U.S for several years. He would rather stay and fight than face deportation. Gutierrez hopes that his kids when they are older and are U.S citizens will help him live here legally.

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Immigrant Detained for Speaking Out