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Concert Band: How much I hate it than Marching Band

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I can complain all day about marching band, especially this year because of how much I disliked the show. That being said, I hate concert band more. Imagine the picture above but more crowded so everyone is pissed because they can barely move. Then put simple, mostly uninteresting music in our hands so the more advanced players, like seniors such as myself, and it becomes an all around bad time. There are several things that happen each year without fail that make me mad as well as others, and then there are also things that have already happened just this year.

Every year, no matter how good of a player we have leading the section, the clarinet section always takes up a lot of time in concert band. We always have a lot of clarinets and I’ve asked why we spend so much time working on the clarinet section to improve them to which Mr. Nichols and Mr. Ferguson responded that apparently the concert contest judges look for a good clarinet sound. This means that we spend several days just working with the clarinets and that leaves the rest of us to just sit there and “practice” on our own, but we can’t make any noise on our instruments or else Mr. Nichols will get on to us. Even if we could play aloud, the music for sections like mine are always so simple that there isn’t any point to practicing unless you are a freshman. This happens every year. This is one of the major complaints among my friends as well.

The problems I moan about this year aren’t that terrible, just more annoying because of how disappointed I was with this year’s halftime show. This year, to start off the concert season with a bang, Mr. Nichols moved most of the band around, changing where we were used to sitting. This isn’t even a big deal, it just annoyed me because it was inconvenient. It’s pretty petty, but it was pretty easy to get annoyed with how the marching show went and knowing that we would spend so much time working on the clarinets that never seem to do anything right. Another thing that happened this year is that we got over-simplified music. This isn’t the normal simple music we get every year though, this is simpler than normal. This is again just another annoyance that got piled on that makes both my friends and myself angry because it just makes for a disappointing senior year.

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Concert Band: How much I hate it than Marching Band