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The Jazz Band Performances

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Last week was an important week for those of us in jazz band. We had two performances, one on Friday and one on Saturday. We played close to 50 songs between the two nights. Both performances were a blast and I wish more people would have come.

On Friday, we played for the NWA Swing Dance Society in Tontitown. We, of course, played mostly swing tunes for them to dance to. We got to have food, dance, and test run some of the songs we would play again on Saturday. It was nice to finally perform in front of a crowd that appreciates what we play and dances to our music. As a performer, it is very gratifying to see people genuinely enjoy the music you play and want you to come play for them again. For the Jazz band dance on Saturday, most of the people that come are parents and friends of the players and don’t really want to dance or be there for any reason but to support their friend or family member. Playing only swing tunes got kinda stale after a bit but it was still nice to see people enjoy themselves because of our music.

Saturday’s dance was a whole different ball game. We played a much greater variety of music; from rock to latin to swing to bossa novas. We still encouraged people to dance though because after all, it was a jazz band dance. The Wetzel sisters even held a little class to teach people how to dance. They taught most of the jazz band and a few people who showed up early how to swing dance, which they are very good at because they are regular members of the NWA Swing Dance Society. Also, I had a couple of friends that wanted to hear us play but couldn’t make it because of basketball, so I had to facetime them while I played. This was a little weird because I had that constant distraction on my stand while trying to concentrate on playing and reading the music, but it was very nice of them to want to support me. At one point, in between songs, they began cheering for me and my volume was turned all the way up because I could barely hear them over all the people talking. All of the sudden it got very quiet but they kept cheering, being heard loud and clear, and Mr. Ferguson even asked if someone’s phone was going off right before we played. Besides them almost getting me in trouble, and my phone dying shortly after, I very much appreciated them wanting to support me and be there for my last winter jazz band dance.

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The Jazz Band Performances