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Vines That Keep Me Going

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Vine, an application created on January 24th, 2013, became a staple to the young population around the world, especially in America. Vines gained popularity because people found them relatable or just simply funny because of how random and surprisingly true they are. Since Vine was bought by Twitter in October of 2015 for $30 million, its popularity increased tenfold. However, Vine shut down on January 17th, 2017 and ever since then, vine compilations, a video of multiple vines, have been posted all over social media. They can especially be found on Twitter and Facebook. Nearly every night, I spend around 30 minutes on Youtube watching vine compilations and I laugh every time even though I’ve seen them all multiple times before. Although life can get tough, Vine can lift spirits up unlike any other application. Below, I will provide a list that consists of the vines that I will never forget, and neither will the internet.


  1. Diet Coke Addiction – Although the vine is simple and not funny to those who don’t have a sense of humor, it provides the quality of a true mistake by a news anchor who forever immortalized his status as a meme.
  2. Screaming Bus Lady – This vine is a true classic as it gives the viewer a good laugh because apparently the lady just really wants to get on the bus, y’know.
  3. Hahaha…. I Do That – Now this vine is one of my favorites. It is probably the representation of every person who owns Instagram or any social media really because it shows our true response when we see posts like “like this if you ___”. The kid’s sarcasm and accent really accentuates how we are when we see posts like that.
  4. Two Shots of Vodka – Lord knows what this lady is even up to, but she clearly doesn’t know how to measure two shots of vodka. It kills me every time because as she dumps the vodka straight from the bottle into a cup, it always shows an old guy losing balance and smashing up against a trailer because he’s so far gone in terms of sobriety.
  5. Wa-ah-ah-ah – I don’t know if this DJ has had some drinks or he’s just feeling himself, but he flat out butchers a song called Down with the Sickness by Disturbed as he attempts to sing the first vocal lines. Honestly, you’d have to watch it to truly get the vine and why it’s so funny.
  6. Kuntry Boy, I Love Youuuu – God, this vine is funny but also very cringe-worthy so if you cringe easily, it’s just for you. I hope that girl got that kuntry boy because she was truly trying and seemed serious in her attempt.
  7. Girl Who is Master Noise Maker – This girl can do it all; she can neigh, she can hiss/pant (?), and growl. She even shows you how to gallop like a real horse does so if you need lessons on those particular things, this vine is perfect for you.
  8. It’s an Avacado, Thanks… – So for some reason, this kid gets an avacado for Christmas? Anyway, the way he reacts has relevance to any kid who has received something that they clearly had not wanted, so if you’ve experienced this and played it off like you were thankful for the gift, this kid might be your long lost brother or something.
  9. I Coulda Dropped My Croissant – This poor guy was just looking for a relaxing night (probably) and his friend decided to scare him on the staircase, causing him to almost drop his croissant. I don’t know about you, but I love croissants so if someone made me drop a perfectly good croissant, I would’ve acted a little different than he did.
  10. If They Test Me They Sorry – Back when Flipagram was the app to combine photos, people often added music to give it a little spunk. This girl was feeling like Nicki Minaj that day because she had no shame in her singing skills, nor should she because she backed it up with amazing photos that went along with the lyrics to truly give the video an attitude.


This list is in no particular order when it comes to favoritism, these are just the vines that popped into my head first. They can all be found on YouTube for sure and if you want more content like this, maybe I’ll write another article that entails more classic vines that, as I said, will never be forgotten by the internet.

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Vines That Keep Me Going