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Does Chicken Soup Really Cure Being Sick?

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         It’s that time of the year, from coughs to sneezing to bless you to thank you. It’s the flu season, even if you get the shot that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. But one thing that we don’t really know is, how do you get rid of the flu fast? Pills after pills, syrups after syrups and nothing seems to be working. I know when I’m sick, my mom brings me some soup and when I wake up, I actually can breath through my nose. So the question is does chicken noodle soup help you stop being sick?


Many studies show that it helps with the sniffles for a little bit but it doesn’t stay like that  for that long. So how are we getting better by chicken soup? Well we aren’t, it’s just our brain from when we were little, we thought it helped so we drank it. It’s kinda like a sugar pill, give it to someone who is sick and make them believe that they will get better and they won’t be sick anymore. According to the Food Network“Chicken soup is also a comfort food typically given to children when they’re sick. A warming 



bowl of the soup may provide emotional and psychological well-being to both adults and kids.”

Many scientist say eating veggie soup helps more than chicken soup, I eat broccoli and cheddar soup because I’m not the very fond of the taste of chicken soup, but my sister will eat chicken soup like it’s her favorite candy. It always helps my sister but it never seems to help me.  So tell me, does chicken soup cure your sickness?

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Does Chicken Soup Really Cure Being Sick?