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Top Eight Most Wanted Toys for Christmas 2017

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  • Fingerlings-These creepy finger “things” are all the rage these days. Fingerlings are officially the number one most sought after toy for this Christmas year. What have we come to? They are little monkey toys (about the size of a finger-fingerlings are meant to be literally worn on your finger) that react to noise and movement. Fingerlings are practically the monkey version of Furby. They have the same creepy eyes. I rename this toy “Creepythings.”




  • Hatchimals-Here’s another animal interactive toy thing. But, I gotta say, this one is pretty slammin’ awesome. Kids have to wait for the egg to hatch to see which “hatchimal” it is, and then they get to raise it and teach it things. These go through stages of legit growing as your kids teach them how to walk, talk, and play. Cool beans!




  • Nintendo Switch-I want this! I love all Nintendo products (the only level I’ve gotten to, though, is the GameBoy). The Nintendo Switch is the hottest game console amongst kids these days, and it offers a variety of games and fun experiences.




  • LOL Surprise-These are disgusting. They’re tiny dolls that you can dress up and put makeup on and you can do anything else you can think of to these poor things. These awful things are in limited stock, too! That means people actually want/like these! I hate dolls. I like stuffed animals, but I hate mini-human toys. I especially hate normal-sized human toys, but the mini ones are way worse.




  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501VS Gaming Notebook-GAMERS UNITE! Because I’m not one. I want to be… Maybe I’ll get this for Christmas… I love video games galore, but I haven’t played in a while. Well, back to the Notebook… This new update on the Asus Gaming Notebook line can hold tons of games and is compatible with several gaming consoles. It’s virtual heaven in a laptop.




  • Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle-This awesome toy acts like the real Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie. Its face moves and has eyes that show legit expressions. This thing is the real deal. It’s like a remote control car, but animated and real and it does all the cool stuff on its own. I want this thing.



  • Pikmi Pops Surprise– These nasty little rodent/bird toys are scented. Scented. They probably smell like strawberries and plastic. I call dibs on one of these just so I can burn it.



  • Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit-This is the last one because it is THE COOLEST ONE. You can make a droid with this. And it connects to your phone. I’m so in love. This is genius. Marketers are really making some legit stuff these days.


I noticed a big trend in all of these toys. Kids want surprises and animals. I guess the best thing to do on Christmas is to tell them a surprise and then throw a puppy at them. Like, tell them that Santa isn’t real and then hand them a chihuahua. Christmas Accomplished.

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Top Eight Most Wanted Toys for Christmas 2017