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League of Legends: World Championship

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On Saturday, November 4th, 2017, the most popular game in the world hosted its largest event in Beijing, China; the World Championship Finals. With eSports being one of the fastest growing events in the world, the League of Legends championship did not disappoint. After the eliminations, it came down to SK Telecom T1, a team looking for a three-peat, and Samsung Galaxy, who is looking for revenge on SKT from an earlier world championship.

Faker, dubbed the best League of Legends player in the entire world, had all eyes on him since he was known for putting his team on his back and carrying it all the way to the destruction of the other team’s hopes and dreams of becoming champions. However, this tango between the two teams ended differently. Faker played subpar in the first match, leading to a 1-0 lead for Samsung Galaxy. However, it wasn’t just Faker’s fault. SKT played rather open and underactive in the jungle and in all lanes. Ambition, the SSG jungler, completely ran over Peanut, SKT’s jungler, allowing for easy ganks and easy kills that led to large deficits for SKT.

In the second match, people expected Faker to go off and get SKT a win to even out the match record. Once again, Samsung Galaxy had other ideas. Samsung Galaxy remained dominate, shutting out SK Telecom T1 to gain a 2-0 series lead on the defending world champions. Many, including commentators, speculated that SKT would do what they usually do and pull a reverse to win the World trophy, but this year nothing was going SKT’s way.

In the third match, it seemed like SKT had found their rhythm by gaining an early lead over Samsung. Faker was performing well and the rest of SKT was keeping up with composure and competition as they won most 1v1s and skirmishes. It seemed like the tides were turning for SKT, but once again Samsung put a halt to SKT’s hopeful comeback. Samsung made a miraculous comeback during Match 3 thanks to SKT’s mistakes. They capitalized on these mistakes by gaining vision in the jungle, taking baron, (which is a powerup that overpowers the other team), and staying in formation without getting caught off from their team.

As the confetti boomed out of the built in cannons in the stadium, the crowd erupted as Samsung Galaxy had just wiped SK Telecom T1, claimed to be invincible, off the board in an easy 3-0 sweep. As SSG jumped and circled one another to celebrate the win, the leading player for SKT, Faker, hunched over in his chair and cried as he felt the most disappointed he had ever felt in his life. “It’s moments like Faker’s tears that elevate competition beyond keystrokes and mouse-clicks,” said one of the commentators. Crown, the opponent of Faker in the mid lane, said “this Worlds was the very first tournament that I truly enjoyed and had fun.”

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League of Legends: World Championship