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New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions

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On Sunday, October 15th, the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions put on a show for the American crowd and NFL fans all around the world. The two teams combined for eight turnovers, 90 points, and a game to be remembered for years to come. The game was hosted by the New Orleans Saints in the Mercedes Benz Superdome that had a sold out crowd that totaled 73,711 attendants. That’s 725 more people than the stadium can hold (72,986). To start the game, the Saints had a 62.8% chance of coming out with a victory, but the Lions weren’t going to make it easy for them.

In the first quarter, the Saints pulled ahead 17-7 thanks to Kenny Vaccaro’s fumble resulting in a touchdown to ignite the team. Drew Brees ended the quarter with a passing touchdown to Ted Ginn Jr., but Matthew Stafford answered with a 45 yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate to even out the stats between the two QB’s. By the end of the first quarter, the Saints chance of winning was very high at 84.3%. 

The second quarter seemed to tell the same tale as the first with the Saints exploding in the run game, putting up two touchdowns on the board to give them a 31-10 lead to end the half. The only answer the Lions offense had to make the score not as ugly was a field goal by Matt Prater from 41 yards out. With one half of the game complete, many people thought the game wasn’t going to get much better for the Lions and thought the Saints would walk away with an easy win.

However, the Detroit Lions are known to be a team to never count out. The Saints opened the quarter with a 2 yard touchdown pass to Michael Hoomanawanui (hard to say, nonetheless read, I know). To seemingly put the game away, Matthew Stafford threw a pick-six on their first drive of the second half to Marshon Lattimore to make the score 45-10. With a score like that, you’d think the game would be over. The commentators were even saying that Detroit should sit Stafford to avoid risk of injury. But as I said, never count the Lions out.

Half way through the third quarter, the Lions strike back with two touchdowns thrown by Matthew Stafford to two different receivers to make the score 24-45 at the end of the quarter. The game still looks out of reach for the Lions to comeback, but they nearly proved it wasn’t. By scoring two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter with the help of the Lions defense putting a stop to the Saints rolling offense, they made the score 38-45 with 6:41 left in the game. The Lions had scored four unanswered touchdowns and put the Saints’ audience in silence and making them hope the Saints wouldn’t do what they did last year by throwing the game in the fourth quarter. The Saints were forced a three and out, sending the punting unit to kick the ball back to the Lions with 5:14 left in the game, more than enough time for the Lions to get another shot at the endzone. However, Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan had other ideas. On 2nd and 10 on the Lions 2 yard line, Stafford was backed up into his own endzone with a great amount of pressure. With a pass play called, he attempted to pass to a receiver in the middle of the field but Cameron Jordan read his eyes and leaped for the ball, catching it and returning it two yards for a touchdown. That defensive touchdown ultimately put the game away, ending with a 52-38 win for the Saints and relieved the crowd.

The Saints move on with a 3-2 record and visit Lambeau Field next Sunday to face the Green Bay Packers.

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New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions