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America’s Got DRAMA

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It’s no secret that Simon Cowell and Mel B, two of the America’s Got Talent judges, have had many arguments on the show. Simon always says something witty to Mel and she gets upset. But Tuesday night he went too far.

During the live show Tuesday night, magician Demian Aditya attempted an escape trick which involved a box, fire and stakes. The act experienced some technical difficulties, as host Tyra Banks explained was not Aditya’s fault.


Simon then went on to compare the act to Mel B’s wedding night saying, “I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night.” Mel then got up and threw her entire drink on Simon before he could even get the punchline out. “A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.” Mel B walked off of the set. The comment may have made Mel B so angry because she recently filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years, 42-year-old film producer Stephen Belafonte. Her representatives accused him of “emotional and physical abuse” according to The Telegraph.


After she walked out Tyra Banks said “Mel B is out. This is live TV, y’all. Live TV,” and one of the other judges, Howie Mandel, said “Something just went wrong.” The show’s official twitter account tweeted, “This just in: @OfficialMelB has left the building. #AGT”


The magician’s escape was supposed to be he would place himself in a coffin and have his assistants nail the it shut. The coffin was hung with a rope. Then a blow torch was to be turned on to burn the rope so it would break and send the coffin to the ground. Then it would crash into spears that were on fire. The stunt was going good at first, but after the rope broke the coffin got stuck and nothing happened. Everyone was confused but Demian ended up behind the judges with a fire extinguisher.

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America’s Got DRAMA