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Deadly shooting in New Mexico library.

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In Clovis, New Mexico, an armed teen walked into the Clovis-Carver Public Library on Monday, opened fired, and killed two employees. According to bystander, Sam Nathavong, “He just started unloading pretty much the whole clip.” He heard the shots while studying in the library. “ I threw the table against the door and barricaded myself in there, I thought he was coming my way and by then the cops got there.” Nathavong said.

The police went inside to confront the gunman, “He gave up. He didn’t resist,” said Clovis Police Chief Douglas Ford.

The police arrested a high school student named Nathaniel Jouett, who is sixteen years-old, and is expected to face first degree murder charges.

Prosecutors say that they are trying to charge Jouett as an adult. The prosecutors also say he shot and killed two employees, Wanda Walters, 61, and Kristina Carter, 48. People were also wounded during the open fire, three adults and a 10-year-old child.

Jouett’s 16-year-old girlfriend, Davena Stevens, told CNN that he was distraught over a bullying incident that happened on Friday. Police Chief said that the incident led to his suspension, and it is now part of the investigation. Jouett is scheduled to appear in juvenile court later this week.  Stevens said she received a Snapchat from Nathaniel on the afternoon of the shooting, saying he would be over at her house around 4:30 PM. The news of the shooting hit, and Jouett was nowhere to be found. She panicked and went to his parents house. She said she found two of his dad’s guns missing, “and right then I knew it was him.” she stated,

Just last month, Jouett was giving a testimonial at the Living Word Church of God, where he attended. He told them about his life, he focused his testimony on the estrangement from his mother. His girlfriend stated that he rediscovered church life about four months ago, and recently got baptized.  “How do you go from getting baptized to shooting up a place.” Davena Stevens said on Tuesday.

Associate Pastor Paula Stevens, who is Davena Stevens Mother, stated that, “I’m not minimizing what he did. What he did was terrible and lives are forever destroyed. I just want people to know… he’s a hurting young kid who was at his breaking point.” She also mentioned to CNN that, “I think we didn’t have enough time, and somewhere along the way we missed something.

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Deadly shooting in New Mexico library.