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Blown Away By Terrible Hand Dryers?

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Have you ever washed your hands and walked over to dry them, only to find out there’s a rusty old hand dryer that doesn’t work? And, in an attempt to quickly dry them you have to do the dreaded “wipe” on your pants? This is a common everyday struggle that Prairie Grove students are dealing with.

Now let me explain, us students highly promote saving trees and using air instead of paper towels. The only problem with this, is that the dryers don’t work, so when you go to wipe your hands on your pants to save time and get to class… you’re getting all the dirt, sweat, germs, and who knows what back on your hands.

You may be thinking, “blah blah blah, you’re just complaining.” But when there are so many students in one place, clean and dry hands are very important.

Imagine if the football team after a football game went to wash their hands and wiped them on their dirty, grimy jerseys. And after doing so, they decide to high five every student in the Prairie Grove High School. One of those football players had the flu. Now imagine a few hundred students with the flu. Not to mention the teachers and parents… Not good. Not good at all.

“So what is your point,” you might ask. Well… What if the Prairie Grove School has fundraisers to buy new dryers for our school. For example, we could have a hat day, or PG pride day, where each student who wants to participate can pay a small amount of five dollars (or whatever number is decided). So each time we do a small fundraiser students and teachers are one step closer to dryer hands, and not to mention we’d have a smaller chance at getting sick or spreading germs. Another option is if students and teachers would rather, we could have a big donation where students can donate however much they want to this particular fund.

The dryers that the school would be investing in would look something like this (see Dyson air dryer picture).

Image result for dyson dryer handNow if you have ever used these at the mall, you would know that these are possibly the most efficient dryers you could ever  have.

So I ask you to help and support Prairie Grove High School in our fight for dryer hands.

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Blown Away By Terrible Hand Dryers?