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A Grim Reaper Whale?

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What could possibly be more fun than lying around and maybe playing Candyland or Monopoly? The Blue Whale game! Not really though. This online game has spread from Russia and throughout the world. A daily task is given every day for 50 days, some as simple as watching a horror movie or even waking up at 4:20 a.m. (although that would be VERY hard for me). However, these tasks escalate extremely to the point where the person playing is told to harm himself/herself, eventually leading to their death on the 50th task.

After hearing about the game on WhatsApp from a group who was warning everyone not to play it, a student in Kolkata studying engineering decided to play the game. Before being able to complete task 9, which wanted him to cut his lip, his college friends were able to tell their teachers after seeing the whale he had cut onto his arm. Luckily, they were able to get to him in time. In Uttar Pradesh a young boy of 13 was discovered hanging in his room with his father’s phone close to him and the Blue Whale game showing on the screen. The family had started to notice when he didn’t come out of his room despite his invitation to a birthday party. The father busted into his room to find him dead.

Another girl of 15 was saved just in time and taken to the hospital after her family figured out she had been playing the terrible game. She was contacted by an anonymous internet user asking her if she had any interest in committing suicide who then sent her the instructions that she would soon follow. To ensure no traces of the messages sent between her and the anonymous person she had to erase everything after sending her proof of completing the tasks. Eventually she told a close relative how much she enjoyed the game and what she was planning on doing for her 50th task which was throwing herself under a train. The relative, of course, told the police who were able to stop her.

Recently in Leflore County, Arkansas, an even younger boy of only 11 committed suicide after completing the 50th task. Investigators believe that the boy was driven to play the game due to bullying not only in school but outside of school too. Parents have been asked by the sheriff to watch over their kids so they don’t find “games” like these that seem so easy to get.

Gratefully, Russian officers have found one mastermind behind this horrific game and arrested her. The twisted 17 year old made threats to the people who refused to obey or complete the task by saying she would harm their family members. Not only has she been arrested but a 21 year old man living near Moscow was also arrested for making young girls take their own lives. Investigators are still searching for possible “admins” of the game just like the 17 year old was once she decided to not take her life after playing the game, but instead “help” others complete the task.

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A Grim Reaper Whale?