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Battle of the egos

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Fists. Blood. Knockouts.

Welcome to the world of boxing.


Conor Mcgregor, a 29 year old Irishman, entered the boxing ring on Saturday, August 26th. His opponent, Floyd Mayweather, a forty year old American, had a distinct advantage. While Mayweather had a record of 49-0 in the boxing ring, Mcgregor had a record of 22-3 in the world of mixed martial arts.

Mcgregor grew up in Ireland fighting MMA and is still the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion. He is left-handed and is known for his southpaw technique and prefers to be standing while fighting rather on the ground. It’s because of this that when he decided to fight Mayweather, he didn’t have too hard a time switching to only boxing. MMA allows punches anywhere on the body, the use of feet, and fighting on the ground. Boxing is more controlled and anyone watching the Mayweather vs. Mcgregor could see the intensity Mcgregor was accustomed to.

Image result for conor vs mayweatherMayweather had retired in 2015 but on March 7, he publicly announced he would fight the Irishman. According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Mcgregor would earn a guaranteed 100 million and Mayweather a guaranteed 300 million.

When the fight began, Mayweather used his prefered technique of letting his opponent wear himself out by having impeccable defense. Mcgregor received a few warnings for hitting behind the head but no points were deducted. It would have seemed like Mcgregor was more aggressive and therefore landing more punches, but he only landed 111 punches of 430 thrown (26%) while Mayweather landed 170 of 320 punches thrown (53%). Mcgregor began to tire out after the fourth round and Mayweather began to take control. Mcgregor would open the round by throwing punches but would immediately tire and Mayweather would follow up with clean and hard punches.

Entering the tenth round out of twelve, Mcgregor was clearly worn out and with only a few well-placed punches, Floyd Mayweather had Mcgregor stumbling against the ropes. The ref called the fight with one minute and five seconds left in the tenth round. Mcgregor believed the fight was called prematurely but did admit he was exhausted. Mayweather said after the fight, “This was my last fight. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, for sure I chose the right dance partner to dance with. Conor McGregor, you are a hell of a champion.” Weeks leading up to the fight, Mcgregor had trash talked and attacked Mayweather psychologically but he left the ring with only respect for Mayweather and admitted he was beaten by an amazing boxer.

Mcgregor exceeded everyone’s expectations when he fought Mayweather in the boxing ring and is far from retirement. Mayweather on the other hand, has finished his career with a record of 50-0.

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Battle of the egos