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US, Open! Your Mind

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On August 22, 2017, the annual US Open Tennis Championship began its course in Queens, New York. The event begins on the last Monday of August every year and lasts two whole weeks.


At the US Open, tennis masters from all over the world meet to compete and prove their worth in the tennis universe. This is the chance to watch the tennis gods at work-even though “most of the people in the stands don’t know much about tennis…at all.” Sadly, many of the viewers who diligently watch the program don’t know what a deuce is and believe that the service box is another term for the players’ resting room.


It is a place where legends like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Roger Federer come to prove their worth. It is also the birthing place of new legends to be; on the night of August 30, Borna Coric from Croatia and Denis Shapovalov of Canada both destroyed their well-known opponents and have now become even more successful in their tennis careers.


Coric is one of the most successful and young tennis professionals in the tennis world. Not to mention, he’s also one of the most attractive players to compete. He beat the well-known Zverev brother, Alexander Zverev (his brother is Mischa Zverev, #25 best player in the WORLD), after a grueling three hour match and knocked him out of the entire US Open Championship. Coric has now been bumped up as the 61st best tennis player in the world. He’s no Mischa, but he still beat his little bro!


Shapovalov, a more pasty and skinny thing than the rippling Coric, beat the “turf” out of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga from France. He is 18 and he just defeated a legendary French tennis player. Shapovalov has now become the youngest tennis magician to compete in a competitive Grand Slam like the US Open. He might be a plain Joe, but he sure is much more than that. He’s shown his worth as a player and demands to be taken as seriously as any of the professionals.


These young men are talented and brave to perform in front of millions, however, their names aren’t known. They hit their balls at a blinding 127 mph and still manage to rally gracefully. They are a part of the same “stuff” as the Williams sisters, but they don’t receive much praise from the US, the host of their performances. Most people are only interested in tennis if the US team is winning, but never stop to appreciate the impressiveness of the young legends. Tennis is more than a sport, it is a talent, crafted and perfected by each committed player.


Tennis deserves more attention and respect from the US, where football and baseball and basketball (all the balls) rule the minds and televisions of the nation. Because of the preferences of US citizens, Coric and his beauty are unknown. Shapovalov and his insanely good skills are unknown. Legendary legends are being born every day in the tennis world. It’s time to Open! Up Your Mind.

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US, Open! Your Mind