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Chimpanzees smarter than Humans?

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Chimpanzees, humans’ closest living relative, are competing against children ages 3 and 12, and even four adults in a maze completion game… and beating them! How is this even possible? At the University of Michigan, Francine Dolins states, “The humans would ask me for answers, but I would tell them, ‘I can’t give the chimps answers.” Even with this communication hinderance, Panzee, one of the competing chimpanzees, finished the most difficult maze faster than even most of the adults. The chimps are trained with symbols that communicate to them either positive or negative meanings. When they see a triangle it means to go the other way and if they see a circle it means to keep going.

Video games are not the only thing chimpanzees are learning. At the same university, the chimps have learned from a young age to use a Lexigram board. A Lexigram board has a series of symbols that represent words and they can push them to communicate what they want. This helps when it is time for a snack! Mercury, another chimpanzee in this study, actually knows English and has no trouble telling which snack is his favorite. Panzee has also gotten the hang of things and is not afraid to click on her Lexigram board that she likes Chex Mex. Chimp_robots_02.jpg (400×267)

Meanwhile in Japan, at the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, a study shows primates learning Rock Paper Scissors at the same rate as a four year-old. The scientists first introduced them to only rock and paper and gave them a slice of an apple when they got the right hand signal. Sadly, when they picked the wrong signal they weren’t given any apple until they changed it. As they improved to 90% getting the right signal, they began to learn rock vs. scissors. Finally, they were taught paper vs. scissors. They could finally show off their Rock Paper Scissors playing skills! Children between 3 and 6 played comparatively to the chimps. However while the children grasped the concept of Paper beating rock and so forth, the chimps struggled on the strategy aspect of the game but gradually improved as the study progressed.

Scientists are trying to figure out how the chimpanzees solve complex problems and how they form societies in the wild. They are definitely diving deeper into the chimpanzee world and are only going farther. Who knows, chimpanzee vs. child game tournaments could rock the entertainment world in the near future.

Who are you going to bet on?


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Chimpanzees smarter than Humans?