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Taylor Swift Takes A Stand

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To the point-

Taylor Swift accused David Mueller of groping her in June 2013 at a meet-and-greet as some of you may already know. Taylor Swift recently decided to take this event to court and sue for only $1, symbolic for women’s rights. The Jury ruled in her favor and she won the Court Case against Mueller.


In the picture provided, you can clearly see that David Mueller’s arm was questionably low to be touching her back as he once allegedly claimed.

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In Court, Taylor Swift testified that Mueller “lifted her skirt” and grabbed her butt. She continued saying that, “it was definitely a grab, a very long grab,” and that “It was not an accident. It was completely intentional and I have never been so sure of anything in my life.” Many argue that Swift should have spoken up and taken charge earlier. It was suspicious that she didn’t take action early, this was the point of view that Mueller supposedly took. But Taylor was dismissed as a defendant and the judge said that there was insufficient evidence to prove that.

After the Court Case had ended, Taylor Swift said she was very thankful for those in the jury (six women and two men)  and those who were “fighting for me and anyone who feels silenced by sexual assault.” Her attorney added on to that saying that this case was “something that could make a difference.” There’s no doubt that Taylor’s triumph gave all women a little more motivation to stand up for themselves and for what is right.


What some people may not know is that when Taylor had first announced Mueller groped her in 2013, he denied this claim and sued her $3 million dollars for loss of income. He continued to say that “he didn’t do anything,” and even urged the security team that confronted him to call the police. At this point in time David Mueller was 51, and Taylor, 23. This is how everything was put into action. Also this piece of evidence makes you respect Taylor as a person and for her morals, knowing the wealthy singer could sue for any amount, and all she wanted was to stand up for what was right.                                                              Quote Credit to CNN and Fox News.

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Taylor Swift Takes A Stand