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A EXCITING book review

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With the mythology of One Thousand and One Nights Renee Ahdieh creates The Wrath and The Dawn, a story about a vengeful teen named Shahrzad and the misunderstood king Khalid. Set in Persia, Shazi has decided to marry king Khalid despite the killing of every wife he’s had, including her best friend Shiva. Determined and unafraid, Shazi comes up with a plan to execute Khalid and put a stop to the endless killing of innocent girls. However, each wife has been executed at dawn and to stay alive past this time she tells a story to Khalid, but doesn’t finish it. As unbelievable as it is, Shazi begins to discover the true reason Khalid kills his wives at dawn. But get this though, she’s falling in love with him despite her other lover, Tariq, and Khalid’s misconceived ways.

“My goal as an author is to bring a different world to life,” Renee explains to an interviewer. Renee also believes that there are no villains and no heroes, but rather everyone wants different things according to their perspective. For example, everyone seems to think Khalid is a monster who needs to be brought down, but as Shazi begins to know him for who he truly is the readers also get insight to who he is. However, the actions Khalid perform are for the good of his people making him, in his perspective, not the villain.

In addition to all of this, the readers become conflicted with mixed emotions as the love story of Shazi and Tariq are brought into the love that grows between Shazi and Khalid with each passing day. Renee also explains that Khalid and Shazi compliment each other given that they both share the same values. Shazi knows and believes that she can take care of herself, even though Tariq thinks she needs saving. Khalid, on the other hand, knows that she can take care of herself and respects her bravery.

The story as a whole reflects the lesson that every choice has consequences and how someone deals with those consequences represents who they truly are. Even though Shazi literally can’t help falling in love with Khalid, she’s still close family friends with Shiva’s father who definitely would not approve of the relationship. Neither would anyone else for that matter, given a select few. Khalid has a duty to accomplish, but he refuses to kill Shazi which also shows who he truly is.

The Wrath and The Dawn is one of my favorite books now. In total it took me about three days only because I had so much other stuff to do. Had I been able continue reading without stopping I most likely would have been able to finish it in a day. As soon as I finished it I couldn’t get my mind off it and I bragged about how amazing it was. It’s a great read and I’d encourage anyone to give it a try.

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A EXCITING book review