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College Freshman Killed at Track and Field Event

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One of the largest sporting events that Wheaton College offers is the track and field hammer throw event. Students all over campus were preparing themselves for a day full of fun and laughter, but what they received was a devastating loss. College freshman, Ethan Roser, was struck accidentally at the track and field competition on April 22, 2017.

Roser was volunteering at this track and field event at Wheaton College in Illinois. Ethan Roser was 19 years old when the college revealed his identification. He was a transfer student from Cincinnati, Ohio. Roser did not pass away immediately after the accident, however. As he was struck with the hammer on Saturday, he was knocked down and an ambulance arrived on the scene shortly after.


Before Roser was put into the ambulance, he was treated by some paramedics  at the scene and was rapidly driven to the nearest local hospital. Shortly after he arrived, Roser passed away.


The track and field hammer event is a competition in which participants throw a metal ball that is connected a steel wire, a dangerous combination according to the International Association of Athletics Federation. Before releasing the ball, the athlete makes several spins. These balls can weigh from 8 to 16 pounds.


It is not very clear whether Roser was actually volunteering at the hammer throw or at a event that was very close by.


“We ask people to pray for Ethan’s family, his friends, and our campus community,” Wheaton College President Philip Ryken said.
A memorial and vigil was held for Ethan Roser that Saturday night. Because of this incident, Wheaton College has now taken more precautions on who handles the hammers. They have even considered eliminating this track and field event altogether.

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College Freshman Killed at Track and Field Event