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Under Armour Banks on their Most Expensive Shoe

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Under Armour has captivated their customers with a pair of fresh, new kicks. These new pair of tennis shoes are ArchiTect Futuristic shoes that are estimated to cost about $300. Under Armour is a Baltimore-based sportswear company, and this allows them to be able to grow in product space with this new Sportswear line.


According to the company, this new ArchiTect Futurist shoe “weaves together Under Armour’s past, present, and future of changing the way athletes dress.”


This running shoe contains high-tech features like the 3D-printed midsole, and it guarantees “infinite cushioning and support.” These new pair of kicks are by far the most expensive line of sportswear that the company has ever had.


Under Armour has released the futuristic shoe to compete with Nike Inc.’s most recent release of Space Jam XI shoes that are being sold at $220, which has been one of Nike’s most successful shoe lines in history.


The largest sportswear manufacturer in the world stated that the Space Jam XI was a hopeful gleam of success in the declining quarterly earnings report. Under Armour has spiked its competition since they heard of this news. Some of the largest investors, however, are worried about German-based Adidas competition in the U.S.-based industry.


As Under Armour releases its premium product, investors are also worried of the brand-image risk this company could potentially have due to its relatively lower margins and other segments. Because Under Armour is considered to be a “somewhat premium brand,” investors were concerned with the drastic change in price this new line has set and how it would downmarket other distribution partnerships.
Under Armour hopes to raise their company and become a stronger competitor with other famous tennis shoe companies, while allowing athletes to benefit from these fresh kicks.

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Under Armour Banks on their Most Expensive Shoe