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Scholarships Stress Seniors Out

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As the end of the school year draws near, many students feel as if they are dead inside. Summer is close, and we can almost feel it. As for seniors, this means freedom. There are thirty actual days of school left for us, and the senioritis is real. Even I, a student that has worked hard all throughout high school, can hardly bear to do my homework. As the excitement grows, so does stress. The closer the end of the year gets, the closer we get to college. College – the magical land of freedom and being flat broke because you’re too busy trying to pay for a meal and a decent education. This is what all of high school has prepared us for; this is our home for the next four years (literally, for some us). However, as exciting as this new chapter will be in our lives, it will also be the most expensive.


If you talked to at least five seniors in the hallway, there is a good chance that four out of the five, or even 100% of them, are absolutely stressing out. As previously mentioned, the year is almost over. It’s gone by in the blink of an eye and whisks away our childhood with each passing day. Next year, all of us will be “real adults” in college. We must rely on ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are no longer required to attend classes, but we must force ourselves to go by doing the right “adult” thing and being responsible. As the new responsibility card comes into play, we must use it before college even begins. What for? Scholarships.

The word “scholarship” will make any senior’s skin crawl. We have been doing them as early as the end of our junior year, and have really cracked down on them this year. As for myself, I can’t even give a close number to how many scholarships I’ve done, and neither can a lot of seniors. Hannah Carothers states, “I’ve at least applied to about at least 30 scholarships, and I’ll probably get five if I’m lucky.” Another senior, Myah Coughran says, “It’s just a guess but at least 15, if not more.” At this point, it is an estimated guess for any of us to try and remember how many we’ve done.

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Scholarships Stress Seniors Out