Fuller House

Fuller House

Everyone loves Full House, and more importantly Uncle Jesse. The rumors are true and the cast may be even more excited than the fans; the lovable eight season sitcom is back. Fuller House has signed a limited contract for one season that will only be shown on Netflix with thirteen episodes. John Stamos released the news last week Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The show will kick off picking up where the final left off.

Although the show is definitely in action, there’s still talk on where or not certain cast members will make an appearance. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and the Olsen Twins are still not fully on board. Lori Loughlin interviewed with “TODAY” on Thursday giving fans a lot to look forward to with Fuller House. Loughlin also said that the cast had about as much entertainment off the scenes as they were on. Aunt Becky stayed with the show for the full eight seasons, even though she was only supposed to be in six episodes.

“Honestly, it was a great show to work on,” she recalled. “We truly, truly loved each other like a family. We had the best time working together. The first week that I was there, my stomach hurt and I realized it was because of my stomach muscles. I used muscles for laughing that I had never used before. That’s how much fun we genuinely had.” – Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky)

The Olsen twins are a huge topic of discussion in terms of the spin-off. There have been many comments made about who should play Michelle, such as “you only need one,” and “their younger sister should play Michelle.” It is a true statement though, Mary-Kate and Ashley cannot both be in Fuller House, so who knows how that will play out.

The show is said to be centered around the oldest daughter of Full House, Candace Cameron and her three sons. Very similar to the single father Danny raising his three daughters. Quirky, best friend Kimmy Gibbler will also be making a major appearance on the show. jodie-sweetin-600