New App! – #Trio


Recently we video chatted CEO of the company Meograph, on behalf of the launching of their new app Trio. CEO Misha Leybovich originally went to school looking to become an astronaut. He graduated form the University of California, Berkeley, in the engineering department. He was the president of the campus’ student body as well as an active member of the student government. He received his master’s degree in engineering in 2005 and consulted in China for a year.

So why did he decide to make an app? After all of his travels, he wanted to be able to share his travels in a way that wasn’t just a tweet or an album on Facebook. So the first ideas of Trio came about in his head. His target audience are high school and college students and when asked how he found us, we found out that Tiger Tale is within the top websites on our server, based on our up-to-date posts and out great audience.

Trio takes it’s name from the fact that it pulls users’ data from the three large social media apps, Instagram, Giffy, and Vine. Trio allows people to pull data from other people’s accounts on these three sites. By taking pictures, gifs, and 6 second long videos, users are able to add music from the Trio library to the “Trio” they create. Leybovich told us that the rights to the songs in the Trio library were obtained through the Fair Use Law; however, the rights to Instagram, Giffy, and Vine had to be requested. When Trio’s are paused, there is a credit section shown on the video. Misha gave the statistic that whenever people watch a Trio with a song off of iTunes on it, 35% of people will click the link, and purchase the song, driving business to the music artists.

We asked Misha what the exact number of Trio user’s was, and he claimed it was too soon to release this data. He also stated that it may take more than a year for the app to get to the status Meograph would like for it to be; however, they do plan to be “in the constellation” with Instagram and Twitter. Misha said that he is 100% convinced that there will be a new, popular app to hit, and he hopes Trio will be the one. Misha told us that Trio has been in the works for one year, Meograph has been around for 3 years, and he himself has been working for ten. It is like a hobby to him. Misha claimed that his ideas started with web-based ideas and decided it would be better to go mobile.

“I wish there was a story, like me walking on a mountain and an eagle flies overhead and CAW!” Misha said the idea had just come to him. He plans to keep the name Trio even if more social media apps are added into. The name Trio did not come from the THREE apps involved in it. The name Trio came from the three types of visual media used. People may provide whatever other sources they would like.

We asked Misha if there was a concern with bullying due to the fact that people will be able to take other peoples’ data and use for their own. Leybovich said that bullying is always going to be something to look out for, that there is nothing stopping anyone from bullying today; however, the app does have a reporting feature. There is also a feature that allows users to be able to remove photos from Trios if the photo comes from THEIR social media account. Media cannot be used in Trios if the account it’s taken from is on private.

Misha met his business partner and close friend, Clay, training for a marathon. Clay and Misha have become “real tight,” and spend a lot of time together in and out of work. Misha told us that the company was originally self-funded and then investors became interested and involved. He claimed that the app had to be free in order to get people interested and that the cost to put the app on the market was going to be greater than the revenue at first.

“The thing that we create helps other people be creative, and that’s a really cool feeling.”