If you think you like dogs, just wait until you see Marnie. Marnie is a rescued dog from Connecticut. Marnie was found on the side of the road by Animal Rescue, stinky and grungy. After Marnie was taken to the pound, they renamed her stinky, and began the tests. She was blind in her left eye, her head was lopsided, and her tongue always hung out.

After a few weeks in the pound, the dog got adopted, renaming her Marnie. The owner got the name from the musician Marnie Stern. Once she was adopted, she got all 14 of her teeth removed, which eventually made her stop stinking. Worried, her owner decided to get her head tilt checked out, finding that it was from a disease she suffered from called Vestibular Syndrome.

  According to Marnie’s facebook page, she likes to go for long walks, smelling grass, exploring new spaces, parties, sleeping, broccoli, chicken, watermelon, muffins, greek yogurt, and eggs. Even though Marnie likes a lot of things, she dislikes one thing; being left alone. Because Marnie lived on the streets, she experiences great anxiety.

Since her adoption, Marnie has become very popular. She has tons of followers on twitter, instagram, and facebook. She is now a very happy dog that everyone loves.